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Californians spend billions of dollars on insurance every year to protect both themselves and their loved ones from the unexpected accident, injury, fire or other disaster that can unfortunately touch our lives despite how carefully we plan. When faced with these challenging events, we immediately turn to our insurance policy to cover the losses and make us whole again. Unfortunately, insurers frequently deny our claims, only agree to pay a portion of the claim, or unreasonably delay in evaluating or paying the claim creating additional financial problems and tremendous stress.

When an insurance company fails to abide by the terms of their insurance contract with you, not only can they be held responsible for the amount of the claim, but they may also be held responsible to pay punitive damages for their bad faith breach of this contract.

Lieber & Lieber Law Group, LLP represents clients throughout California. Please contact our office to arrange a free consultation and determine your rights.


  • Denial of Insurance Claims
  • Insurance Bad Faith
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